Bucs Lose To Panthers. Schiano Remains The Headline

Bucs loss to the Panthers adds fuel to "Fire Schiano" movement.
Bucs loss to the Panthers adds fuel to “Fire Schiano” movement.

The Bucs stand at 0-7 after losing to the Carolina Panthers 31-13 last night in front the home crowd at Raymond James  Stadium. The game was seen on national television on the NFL Network Thursday Night Game of the Week and as expected the pressure on Bucs head coach Greg Schiano continues to mount. Clearly the storyline has changed from the Bucs being able to win and what is the future of the embattled Bucs head coach.

At this point the biggest problem may not be on the field but it seems as though Schiano and his players are not on the same page, or for that matter in the same book.  NFL.com’s Mike Silver quoted one player who spent 2012 with the team who said that Schiano had created an environment that was “like Cuba,” and it’s fairly obvious that he’s lost the locker room full of his current players.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported before last nights home game against the Carolina Panthers that Schiano could be very close to a in-season firing if the Bucs “suffer a string of embarrassing losses, show a lack of effort, and if there is an ‘obvious loss of the locker room’ including current players speaking out against Schiano.”

Bucs fans were none too pleased with the product they saw on the field. Starting early in the second quarter fans started booing and two fans showed up in hazmat suits bearing the names “Schiano” and “Sheridan” — the second suit a clear dig at defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan, and an obvious reference to the recent outbreaks of MRSA in the locker room. It may be telling that stadium security seemed to have no problem with it.

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Last night might have been the beginning of the end for Schiano as the wheels are really coming off the Bucs bus. He might not last the week depending how well the team responds to him this week in practice.