Bucs’ Gerald McCoy: “We’ve Got to Get Them on the Ground” (VIDEO)

To the outsider, and even some of the astute football minds, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive line is much improved and Gerald McCoy is having a stellar performance this preseason.

On virtually every snap, McCoy’s exploding into the backfield, completely man-handling offensive guards. But that’s not enough for McCoy or his teammates. He said that two sacks for him this preseason is not enough, and that the unit can’t settle for  mere quarterback hurries or passes batted down at the line of scrimmage — they need sacks, take-downs.

“A sack is a sack, pressures sound good. But a sack is a sack. We can sit and say, ‘Well we got pressures and we got this,’ but we need to get them on the ground. And when we get them on the ground, we need to take the ball away.”

McCoy said that the defense left a lot out on the field against both Miami and Jacksonville and that his unit needs to step up to create opportunities for takeaways.

“We had a lot of missed opportunities in both games. We should have taken the ball away. But more importantly, we have to create more opportunities. You create your opportunities in this league and we have to take the ball away and we can’t depend on the offense to make mistakes. We have to force the opportunities and capitalize on them.”