Bucs’ Doug Martin Downplays Issues In Tampa

Chris Canty, Doug MartinThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers have become one of the top stories of the 2013 NFL season, but not for the reasons that a team would prefer to become one of the top stories of any NFL season.

Amid reports and denials and accounts of meetings aimed at clearing the air of smoke that supposedly isn’t there, the specifics remain unclear — but the general vibe isn’t positive.

Running back Doug Martin has shed a little light on the situation in an interview that will air tomorrow on NBCSN’s Pro Football Talk.

“We’re a family,” Martin tells Erik Kuselias, “and anybody who has a brother or two brothers, whoever has a family which is everybody, there will be some disagreements and some disputes and,we’re going to keep it in the family walls and we’ll sit down and talk about it like men. We’re going to handle it within the organization, and we’re going to move forward from it and leave what’s in the past.”

Source: Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk