Bucs Dashon Goldson On Fixing The Defense


(On how Revis looked to him)
“He looked better than we all thought he would. He showed some good things out there. It was good to have him out there – his presence on the football field. I think he’s still getting better. He’s still got work to do, but we’re glad to have him out there.”

(On the importance of Revis practicing to get everyone on the same page)
“First and foremost, it is more important that he gets healthy, period. Of course we want him out there, but we want to make sure he’s feeling right, he’s confident, and that the staff and trainers are confident in his injury to be back out there with us. We would love to have him out there, but we understand where he is.”

(On what surprised him most about Revis’ performance in practice)
“Just doing the one-on-one drills – a lot of one-on-one drills. He was out there, he did some good things, read the quarterback pretty well, broke on the ball. It was surprising to see.”

(On his view of the third preseason game)
“Another chance to play more, to be out there actually getting into it. The first two games it’s kind of rough to really get into the mix of things, but the third game, coaches let you loose a little bit.”

(On the performance of some of the younger members of the team)
“The young guys are doing good. They’re doing real good. We’re only going to be as strong as our depth, and right now we’re working on that. Some of the young guys had to step up, because we’ve been dealing with a lot of injuries – a lot of guys are banged up. Those guys have been coming in and doing good. [Cornerback Johnthan] Banks has been showing good, showing up on a lot of film. [Cornerback] Leonard [Johnson], he’s been a guy – they’ve got him moving around a lot, playing the nickel and the corner, so he’s got a lot on his plate. At the same time, he’s doing good, just coming along. And [safety] Mark [Barron], he’s a starter, this is his second year. He has to get rolling.”

(On his level of comfort with the defense)
“I’m getting there. I’m still figuring it out, but at the same time, I’m understanding it and why we’re doing certain things. You’ve just got to keep going and use this training camp to get better so I can go out there and play fast.”

(On things he saw that can be corrected from Friday’s game)
“There were definitely things we could correct. We didn’t play too much preseason. Both teams don’t go out there and play everything but just play some of the basic, the fundamental things. I think the thing we need to go ahead and correct is just being sound in our defense and doing the little things right which are swarming and tackling.”

(On the difficulty of playing without scheming for an opponent)
“I wouldn’t say it was hard. Everybody’s kind of doing it across the league right now. It just forces you to focus on the bread and butter, the base defense. Once you correct that and get that down, that’s your bread and butter that you fall back on, so do the little things right and it’ll be fine.”

(On what he feels he still needs to do to get ready for the season)
“Oh man, get my legs back. Right now, we understand it’s camp; coach is putting a lot on us. Everybody’s doing it. We’ve got to go out there and just keep coming along and just stay in our playbook.”

(On how eager he is to see how the team looks with everybody healthy)
“It’s going to be very exciting. We’ve got a lot of talent on this football team, a lot of talent. Once we get everybody rolling, it’s going to be electrifying out here.”

Source: Tampa Bay Buccaneers