Bucs’ Dashon Goldson Must Adapt to Today’s League

NFL NEWS: Dashon Goldson

Dashon Goldson‘s heavy-hitting rivals of another Bucs legend, but in today’s safety-conscious league, it’s often more penalized than rewarded.

The two-time Pro Bowler has drawn comparisons to strong safety and former franchise fixture, John Lynch. Both are known to make defenders pay in the middle and becoming tackling machines. While Lynch thrived throughout his 15-year career along with a Super Bowl ring and a probable future Hall of Fame induction, Goldson became one of the most dominant safeties in the NFL reaching the Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers in his sixth year.

Lynch finished his career with 1,051 tackles, 13 sacks. 16 forced fumbles and 26 interceptions. Goldson has 413 tackles, three sacks, five forced fumbles and 15 interceptions.

How penalized do you think Lynch would be in today’s game?

Goldson’s one of the NFL’s most penalized players being flagged for a league-high 16 times for personal fouls since 2009.

Head coach Lovie Smith told Goldson he didn’t have to change his style and just to aim low. Just ask Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots how that turned out. In the extreme game of football, injuries are prevalent because the body is going to all extremes. While the NFL banned helmet-to-helmet hits to protect players from concussions, they’re also scrutinizing the low hits too.

What is a player to do at full speed? As Goldson recovers from an ankle issues and the NFL continues to redefine what’s acceptable for contact with defensive backs, it may be potentially a long season if penalties continue to vex the Bucs defense, especially those who perceive Goldson as a dirty player.

The game against Buffalo Bills will be the most we’ll be seeing of the starting unit this preseason, but given the nature of the recovery, we may have to wait until the season opener against the Carolina Panthers in three weeks.