Bucs Could Trade LeGarrette Blount During Draft

We noted a month ago that the Buccaneers were trying to trade running back LeGarrette Blount. Nothing has happened on that front, but that could change this week.

Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times reports that Blount is still in play in a potential trade, and that a couple of teams are interested. A trade during the draft is possible.

It’s not surprising that the Bucs are still looking to trade Blount. Reports out of Tampa have suggested that he and coach Greg Schiano don’t see eye to eye, and the arrival of Doug Martin in last year’s draft reduced Blount to 41 carries last season.

The question is whether any team is willing to give up a pick for Blount. It’s possible that a team that hopes to draft a running back like Alabama’s Eddie Lacy or Wisconsin’s Montee Ball will decide to trade a third-day pick for Blount if Lacy and Ball get snapped up.

If that’s what happens, the team that acquires Blount will be adding a running back who’s 26 years old, who didn’t get much wear and tear last season, and who is only three years removed from a 1,007-yard season. That wouldn’t be a bad use of a late-round pick.

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