Bucs Confirm Teddy Bridgewater’s Visit


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have confirmed that draft prospect Teddy Bridgewater visited the team. According to Kevin O’Donnell of Fox 13 in Tampa, the QB was there today.

Buccaneers.com goes into detail about Bridgewater saying that he is one of the first to come to Tampa and he is considered one of the coveted players in this year’s draft.

Pre-draft visits give teams time for meetings between coaches and prospects, learn additional medical information and get to know the players better. Bridgewater is a Miami native so it’s possible that staying in Florida appeals to him.

This announcement from the Bucs makes everyone a little curious since not every team is so willing to give away this information. I guess the only real purpose for being so public with these visits is to hide their true intentions for Draft day.