Buccaneers Need Lovie Smith

Bears_Lovie_Smith_2012With the chaos over at One Buc Place, who would be the best person to right the ship and get the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back on the winning track.

Head coach Greg Schiano’s seat appears to be getting hotter by the minute. His days could be numbered just to end the PR nightmare that is Josh Freeman. The national media smells blood in the water and they’re starting to swarm. If Schiano is on the outs, who should the Bucs bring in. One of the most calming influences in the NFL is former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith. He has ties to Tampa and with a solid defense in place Smith could turn the Bucs franchise around quickly. Just imagine Dashon Golston’s getting turnovers instead of personal fouls under coach Smith.

If Smith is interested in the Buc’s job, it’s almost a no-brainer.

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