Bad Bucs Camp Is Nothing Unheard Of

Buccaneers_Greg_Schiano_2013The misery feels familiar, like old swampland … that you have waded through before. For the Tampa Bay Buccaneerss, there is nothing new about a preseason gone wrong.

Forever, it seems, there has been a quarterback off to a terrible start, whether his name was Josh Freeman or Trent Dilfer or Vinny Testaverde.

Forever, there has been a coach asking for calm amid the chaos, whether he was Greg Schiano or Richard Williamson or Tony Dungy. What the heck else is he going to say in the preseason?

Forever, it seems, the Bucs have been a franchise that wanted you to somehow believe that the upcoming season was going to be better than the previous one despite the evidence of preseason games.

This? As ugly as it feels, this is merely the latest chapter.

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