Where Did The Dolphins Run Game Go?

Lamar_Miller_2013Everything imaginable worked against Miami’s run game against Cleveland. The Dolphins gave up penetration, lost the battle at the point of attack, made poor decisions on where to run, missed blocks and eventually gave up on the run game.

Now, part of the reason they gave up on the run was because Cleveland was in a base 34 Defense the entire day, opening up the passing game for Tannehill. Today let’s take a look at why they couldn’t run the football though.

While I want to focus on a couple of things, there will be one constant throughout: nobody wants to block #52! The Dolphins failed to get a hat on D’Qwell Jackson consistently and it hurt them on almost all of the following examples.

I also just want to say that I’m not a coach, nor do I know the playcalls. When I state Miller should have done this or that, it’s my viewpoint. Right or wrong, it’s just what my eyes are seeing.

Let’s first focus on Lamar Miller. The Dolphins second year back has tremendous physical tools and I thought a year ago displayed good vision and toughness running the football. Not in this game.

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