Tuck: Miami Dolphins Messy Situation

If perception is everything, then the Miami Dolphins would win worst run pro sports franchise of the year going away.

A team that wins 8 football games shouldn’t be thought of in such a light.  That should be reserved for teams picking in the top 5 of the NFL draft, not selecting 19th.

Tells you a lot about the people employed there.

Is it as bad as the perception in Miami?  I don’t know.  Not sure anyone really does.

Have things happened in a manner I could, or they could defend?  Nope.  Can’t say they have.  The power structure resembles a building after an earthquake.  You don’t know where the top or bottom is.

The players?  Well, again, they did go 8-8.  That’s average, not below average.  There was a report over the weekend that players wanted out of South Beach.  That is never a good thing to read even if it might just be a couple of guys.

At this point, nobody is on the same page.  Here is some good news: there is plenty of time to get matters in order.  Just because everything has been a mess doesn’t mean it has to continue that way.  The two men that were at the center of the storm last season (Martin-Incognito) will not be around next season.  The GM everybody seemed to hate is no longer there.  The offensive coordinator that put square pegs in round holes is gone.

The Miami Dolphins are not a lost cause.  Just because they didn’t hire their first choice as GM doesn’t mean they hired the guy who cuts meat at Publix.  In fact, Dennis Hickey’s 18 years of experience is more than any of the other candidates that were considered.

Anyone who watched the Dolphins last year knew they were maddeningly frustrating because they never seemed to put it all together.  They looked great, average, and awful.  I suppose that is how you end up 8-8.  All possibilities were available on any given week.

They really could go in any direction next season.  Trying to find the bright side in all of this is that all of this will mean nothing if they draft the right players, bring in the right players, call the right plays, and the players that either can or need to improve, do.

The past is a mess.  The present is murky.  The future is unknown.  Hopefully, at the very least, the players and coaches understand that.