Tebow will start against Dolphins

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) — Prime-time flops twice already, the Miami Dolphins will be in the national spotlight again Sunday.

Miami (0-5) against Denver (1-4) is certain to draw a lot of attention because it will be Tim Tebow’s first start of the season. Dolphins attendance has been on the decline, but a sellout is possible due to Tebow’s popularity and a long-planned tribute to him and the rest of the Florida Gators’ 2008 national championship team.

It might seem a bit awkward for Miami to be honoring the opposing team’s starting QB, but that’s the way the season has gone.

The latest loss was a 24-6 defeat Monday night against the New York Jets. It was the Dolphins’ second Monday night drubbing, and one more nationally televised game awaits — at Dallas on Thanksgiving.

Source: Associated Press