NFL Admits Error In Dolphins’ Loss

Source: Adam H. Beasley, Miami Herald

Dolphins_Caleb_Sturgis_2013Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin acknowledged that his coaching staff identified an illegal field-goal block technique by the Ravens that wasn’t penalized, an oversight the team turned into the league, first reported.

The Ravens’ Chris Canty pushed into the back of a teammate on Caleb Sturgis’ missed 57-yard attempt at the end of regulation on Oct. 6 — an infraction that should have resulted in a 15-yard penalty and a re-kick.

The Dolphins were awarded neither, and reported the league has since admitted the mistake.

On Tuesday, Philbin declined to get into specifics.

“We turn in plays on a routine basis to the league,” Philbin said. “That’s all I’m going to say.”

The Dolphins lost to the Ravens 26-23.