Mike Wallace Wants To Move On

Dolphins_Mike_Wallace_2013Miami’s Mike Wallace was mad after yesterday’s win and refused to talk about why. Yesterday, it was reported that he said he was mad about himself only getting one reception in Sunday’s game.

But team sources believe he was upset about not getting more passes thrown to him.

“Everyone understands his frustration,” receiver Brandon Gibson said. “You have to swallow your pride and continue to go about it.”

Wallace said he spoke to Philbin on Monday and “we had a good conversation. It was productive. We’re ready to move on. I’m good.”

Philbin declined to specifically discuss Wallace’s reaction beyond saying: “I want every player to want to make an impact.”

Philbin said there were a couple of additional times “we could have gone to him” but generally didn’t have an issue with Wallace’s involvement in the offense.

“We don’t have plays where we throw the ball to a certain jersey number just to do it,” Philbin said. “We throw it to the people who are open. Overall, our decision-making was good.”

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