Mike Wallace Is The Dolphins Top Target

Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports something that has been obvious to us for weeks: Wallace will be the top free-agent target for the Dolphins.

Wallace perfectly fits Miami’s needs, both from a football and a business standpoint. As to the former (and as we’ve been saying), a field-stretching receiver (something Greg Jennings isn’t) opens up the rest of the offense for everyone else. By drawing attention deep, the slot receiver and the tight ends can find plenty of room to operate, and quarterback Ryan Tannehill will have an even better opportunity to develop.

As to the latter, landing a player like Wallace can generate excitement in the fan base, take attention away from that basketball team in Miami (if only for a day), and maybe help sell some tickets and jerseys and hats and other stuff bearing the soon-to-be-unveiled new logo.

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