Miami Dolphins Training Camp Notes Day 2

(Head Coach Joe Philbin on emphasizing fast start at practice) – “Once we get through most of the teaching phase, and I would say until that scrimmage night that we have, we are still in a real heavy teaching mode right now. Once we get done with that, we are going to institute some drills. We are going to start to practice, maybe. This is the opening possession of the game. We will set up the ball at a certain spot maybe at a difficult spot for the offense. Let’s say we had a kickoff return, and we had a penalty and we are starting on the 15. We will crank the crowd noise up and play a possession or two there. There are a number of scenarios at the end of the game to do a better job of, and we will kind of insert them into practice at different times just to create different tempo. As we know training camp at times can get tedious for the players, so we want to keep them off balance. Those are a couple of things we have tangibly that we can do here on the practice field that should give us a chance to translate that in the regular season.”

(WR Brian Hartline on being a leader of the team) – “It’s great, I really enjoy it, I like having the opportunity, having the foundation that I’ve kind of tried to build over the last couple years, and even throughout this year. Like you said there are a lot of new guys, a lot of new leaders, a lot of guys at this level are leaders, I guess at some point you need leaders to be leaders of leaders, if that makes any sense. I think at this point, we are kind of developing, we’re getting our identity down, and really working on a day to day basis.”

Source: Miami Dolphins Media