Joe Philbin To Turn Focus To Falcons Game

Miami Dolphins head Coach Joe Philbin spoke to the media after today’s practice.

(Opening statement) – “That really wraps up our installation phase. We have nine installs, we’ve had nine installation practices and a scrimmage. So starting later this afternoon, we’re going to turn our attention to Atlanta and preparing our team to play a game. I thought today’s practice, we covered an overtime situation, we covered the last plays of the half, last plays of the game. So situationally, I think we’ve covered just about everything that could pop up in the game Friday night. And now we’ve got to get our guys focused in, dialed in on our plan and go execute Friday night in Atlanta.”

(On if he will create a game plan for Friday night against Atlanta) – “Oh yeah, absolutely. Definitely.”

(On if he created a game plan before for preseason games) – “No, we’ve always had one. Really, what we’ve done both years or all three I guess, is in the spring, we kind of look at the first, once the preseason schedule gets set, we do a lot of our planning really in the spring since we know we’re not going to get a any extra film on them anyway. And we put together a generic game plan based on what we see and what we think our team is going to look like August 8th or 9th, whatever that day is. So we’ve tweaked it a little bit, but we had some thoughts down before we left in June and we’re going to be installing it this afternoon.”

(On the challenge of preparing for the preseason game with some players nicked up) – “Yeah, it’s also a collective effort with the medical people as well. We have a full-padded practice scheduled for tomorrow, so we’ve got to get through that before we can really come up with a definite personnel plan. Obviously, we’d love to have everybody available to play and we want to evaluate everybody. But we’ll see if that’s feasible.”

(On balancing the offensive struggles with defense’s strength as a coach) – “Well, you’re looking for, on either side of the ball and the special teams guys, to make plays. So you’re happy when guys are making plays. And sometimes, a pick could be a very competitive play, could be a good throw and the guy is battling for the ball and somebody comes up with the football. So just because it’s a pick doesn’t always mean, ‘Oh my God, it’s a terrible play.’ Obviously, offensively, we don’t want to have those in a ball game. But you can’t get too high or too low in the middle of a practice because it can taint your image. Usually, what I tell the team in my brief comments after practice, is that, you know I give them my immediate reaction to the practice. But I also always say, ‘Hey, if I’m wrong, I’m going to be watching the tape here in a half hour and I’ll take a peek.”

(On his immediate reaction today with the passing game) – “There were too many interceptions. However, I thought we responded well later in the practice and kind of worked through it and I thought it was decent.”

(On if he likes the way QB Ryan Tannehill is progressing) – “Yeah, I do. Yeah, I do. And I like the way, I want to say it was the first, we did a pressure period over here and I believe it might have been the first play, I think (Cortland) Finnegan intercepted the first play of the drill if I’m not mistaken. Then I thought we responded as an offensive unit collectively and had some good plays and a productive period. Obviously, you don’t want to start with that, but that happened and I thought they responded well.”

(On what CB Cortland Finnegan needs to do to solidify he has a starting spot) – “Just play consistently. He’s going to have opportunities to compete in the preseason. We’re going to give him snaps in the preseason. We got to see him execute the defense and do his job responsibility on a consistent basis and then we’ll make our decisions.”

(On what the staff liked about S Louis Delmas prior to signing him and what they’ve seen so far in camp) -“The thing that really attracted us to Delmas was his play speed. We thought he played the game fast and decisively, very little hesitation and he’s a physical and active football player. Since he’s been here, a lot of those things we’ve seen in practice. I think he’s been an excellent locker room addition. He seems to fit in well here, he likes it here. So far, I’m very pleased with him.”

(On if he is using photos or iPads on the sidelines) – “We want to experiment with both. Obviously, we know the still photos, we used them a little bit the other day on Saturday and we’ll continue to experiment with them. I think the initial reaction based on, it won’t’ be a factor necessarily Friday night, but some guys said that the sun and the tablet, you could still certainly see it, but maybe not as clear. We have to teach a couple of guys how to draw on the tablet with the little you know, we’ve got some work to do. But we’re going to work through that in the preseason.”

(On the defense over the last three days producing a lot of turnovers and if they have been forced or more being in the right place at the right time) – “I think both. As you said, there have been multiple ones. There was a number of them in the, we’ve had a lot of tipped passes the last couple (of practices). I think we had one Saturday, we had one yesterday, we had a couple when we did that half-line pass drill, which is a really good drill we can get a lot of reps against different formations and different coverages. They’ve been doing a good job getting their hands on the ball. Again, we don’t try to overcomplicate matters. I mean if you get your hand on the football, we want to be able to catch it and secure and I think overall we’ve done a pretty good job of that.”

(On the staff embracing sports science technology) – “It’s an emerging field. I think there are still a lot of things that Dave Puloka and Darren Krein, our strength and conditioning staff, and Ryan (Grove) and our training staff, that work collaboratively. We’re gathering a lot of data. We had some last training camp, we had, again, a good bit of information from the OTAs and now we’ve had discussions. One day we had a discussion about, hey, this player has gotten his player loads or his volume or his max speeds and, again, it’s something I’m a little bit trying to get used to and I’m looking to make solid decisions based on some of the information those guys give us. But they’re working their tail off. I was in the weight room this morning at 6:30 (a.m.), they’re putting all of the GPS things in, they’re working, putting them in the jersey. There’s a lot of work and there is a lot of information and I think the key is interpreting it correctly and making decisions that are sound.”

(On CB Brent Grimes’ camp and what kind of luxury it is to have that type of shutdown corner) – “The thing you really like about Brent from my seat is the way he comes out here. Again I don’t know the exact number of years he’s been in the league, but it’s been awhile and he comes out and practices hard every single day. He likes football. He likes the game. He likes to compete and that’s a great example. I can stand up in a team meeting a say, ‘Hey, let’s get out there, let’s compete, let’s get after it and let’s do this.’ So what we attempt to do a lot is show pictures of our own guys, the 31-year old Cam Wake or he might even be 32 now, he’s getting up there. Brent Grimes (and) Randy Starks (have) been hustling. We showed a play on Sunday night in our team meeting of Randy Starks hustling his tail off to the ball. That’s the best way instead of me standing up in front of the microphone at a team meeting and doing it. I think Brent has done that on a consistent basis.”

(On how LB Dannell Ellerbe is looking in his new role) – “I think he’s doing well. He’s doing well. We’ve still gotten him some reps at his old position as well, so I think that versatility at the end of the day is going to pay off for him. But I think his play speed has been good. His assignment execution has been good, so I’m looking forward to seeing him play well on Friday night.”

(On if CB Cortland Finnegan’s personality is a positive addition to the locker room) – “Yeah I do. Again, I would say I’m not overly familiar with some of his past and not having been around him before, but the thing I like about him, again, I think the example of what you do is the most important. He has spent an awful amount of time since the day he got here with Will Davis and Jamar Taylor showing them the ropes, spending time, both little tidbits on the field, in the meeting room, in the locker room, off the field, so those kind of things. I think he’s fit in very well and I like what he has done.”

(On if it has been good for the development of younger players or a detriment for not having veteran players at practice the past few days) – “Yeah, I think, as I’ve said many times and it’s true, I would love to have everybody every practice. I would like, at this time of the year, to be smart about how much we use of some of those guys, some of those established players. So I think if you are going to get injured in training camp, you are going to miss practice time in training camp, it’s probably better if you are a player who’s got a lot of experience because you are not missing the learning curve that a young player, a rookie player, those type of things. I don’t like to see any player miss practice time for their sake or the team’s sake, but I understand that it happens.”

Source: Miami Dolphins Media