Joe Philbin Addresses Schemes, Injuries In Conference

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin spoke to the media after practice today.

(Opening statement) – “Today, we had somewhat of a combination practice. We worked, obviously, Atlanta preparation in portions of the practice and then we did some what we call Miami versus Miami segments as well. I thought we got off to a good start. I thought there was a little bit of (we) didn’t finish the practice as well as we need to. Now, we told our guys when we broke as a team, the physical preparation basically for the Atlanta game, is mostly done and, now, a lot of it’s going to mental as we get ready to play Friday night.”

(On RB Knowshon Moreno coming off the PUP today and if he was on schedule to come off today) – “I think it just kind of been a gradual progression, day-to-day it’s been and the medical staff has obviously done a great job supervising his rehab. And just felt like this was the appropriate time to get him going.”

(On how important it is to get something out of the second-year players considering how few snaps they played last year) – “When we dress 46 guys for a game, regardless of how long they’ve been here, we’re looking for contributions from the guys that we dressed and take to the game. To the degree that they earn that opportunity by what they do on the practice field and what they do in the preseason, but we’re certainly looking for those guys to make a natural progression and contribute more.”

(On if he’s seen something so far in practice from the second-year players) – “I think the guys are definitely getting better. I think Dion Jordan is improving every single day. I think Will (Davis) and Jamar Taylor, at the corner position, are certainly further ahead than they were a year ago. Dallas Thomas is further ahead. Dion Sims is off to a good start, Jelani (Jenkins). I think those guys are poised to contribute. How much exactly kind of still remains to be seen.”

(On where the improvement has been for TE Dion Sims) – “Consistency. I would say has been a little bit more consistent. I think he’s catching the ball very well. We’ve seen him in the passing game look and play faster. So we’re encouraged by that and I think that’s going to be something that I think can pay dividends for us this year. But I think that and I think his blocking has gotten more consistent as well.”

(On if backup QBs Matt Moore and Pat Devlin are unable to play Friday and if that impacts how much QB Ryan Tannehill will play at Atlanta) – “Tonight, we’re going to get together at the end of the day and we already have, as I’ve mentioned what we’ve done is we have projected numbers for all four games already. We kind of would like to see the guys the play. Again, Tannehill’s, I’m throwing out maybe we want 95 snaps in the preseason, somewhere I’m using a number. I don’t think it’s going to change a whole lot this week, but we’ll see.”

(On if it is fair to say RB Knowshon Moreno is doubtful to play Friday) – “Again, we’ve certainly been very forthcoming with our information this year and we will continue to do so, but it is still too early to tell. This was his first practice out here today, so I don’t know if it would be a wise coaching decision to (play a) a guy who really hasn’t participated to throw him in a game yet. But I’m not revealing any inside secrets.”

(On how closely the coaches monitor snap counts in practice) – “Very closely. Sometimes, it’s more about the script than it is the set amount of throws. So let’s say we are in our pressure period for example, and we know we want to have Ryan (Tannehill) see X amount because we know what’s coming, ‘Hey this is a four week, we got to see this or this will create a hot in one of our protections. We really like him to get it.’ Or conversely, we want somebody else, but we’re cognizant obviously in the passing statistics. We know the throws. We know how many throws they will take in one-on-ones, but sometimes, when it gets to 11-on-11, a lot of times it is more about what they are looking at on that particular day.”

(On the balance of hiding the offensive scheme, while getting the necessary reps during a preseason game) – “I can tell you that we’re certainly not going to create a new offense to send our future opponents down the wrong road because, again, we’ve had these guys in the building since April 21st and we’ve been installing pieces of the offense really since that day. Then we’ve re-done (the offense) a couple of times in the OTAs and now in training camp. So we are going to do what we do and I told the players that yesterday when we broke as a team, ‘Listen, we’re going to run over defense, we’re going to run under defense, we’re going to line up in a one-back formation. We are going to do certain things and we are going to get in empty.’ That’s what we do and we are going to do that today and we’re going to do that against Atlanta and we’re going to do it against New England and we’re going to do it in December and January. That’s our system. That’s who we are. I think you have to be certainly cognizant of your tendencies, but I also believe it’s probably good to have a couple of tendencies.”

(On what makes him confident that this year’s running game will be better than last season) – “It’s looked better. The only thing I can tell you right now is that it’s looked better in training camp so far than I remember it looking in prior training camps. That’s the one thing that my eyes have seen so far. Obviously, we haven’t seen it in a game yet, but I liked what I’ve seen. I like the space we’ve created. I liked the way our lines have worked together so far, but we’ll find out a lot more though in a couple of days. That’s really what gives me confidence right now.”

(On if he is seeing what he expected from G Daryn Colledge and if he’s the guy he remembers from Green Bay) – “Pretty much, pretty much. I was down at the one-on-one pass rush today, I thought the majority of his reps, he looked as good as he’s looked really since he’s been here. Again, he hadn’t really played I don’t think since what December 29th or something? So he’s been out for a while. I think he’s picked up the system. He’s a very bright guy, smart and I think he’s picked up the system well, but it’s taken a little while. I don’t think it’s all the way there yet, but I’m hoping there is more development coming in the next couple of weeks.”

(On if QB Ryan Tannehill has been making more throws due to QB Pat Devlin and QB Matt Moore not throwing) – “On one or two of those days and then we brought Brock (Jensen) back. So there’s been a day or two where it certainly has been increased a little bit for sure, but that’s why now we’ve got five quarterbacks on the roster. I can’t tell you that every single day was perfect because some guys have gone down or we thought maybe somebody was going to throw more than they did when we went out to the field and they didn’t. So we weren’t really going to cancel those segments of practice. Maybe one or two practices, a little bit more than we probably would have hoped for, but, again, with a new offense and new systems, it’s probably not the worst thing.”

(On K Caleb Sturgis’ groin injury being bad luck, coincidence or if it is something chronic) – “In talking to our medical people, I think it’s a day- to-day thing. Players, like I said, players get injured in football, practicing football and it’s part of the game. This guy is a dedicated professional. He spends extra time getting himself in shape and condition, so we’ll just see how it goes day-to-day.”

(On if WR Mike Wallace will be available for the Atlanta game) – “We’ll let you know. We’re not exactly sure right now.”

(On his impressions of LB Jordan Tripp) – “I like him. I like the way he plays. He plays fast, moves fast, love his work ethic. The guy is one of the first guys in the building every day and one of the last guys to leave. I think he has a chance to contribute. He’s very smart and studies his position. He’s very involved on special teams. So I think he’s off to a good start.”

Source: Miami Dolphins Media