Is Ryan Tannehill Ready to Join Luck, RG3 Among Top Young QBs?

Dolphins_Tannehill_2013Headed into the 2012 NFL draft, football media bombarded the masses with hype over the two top quarterback prospects—Andrew Luck of the Colts and Robert Griffin III of the Redskins. For at least one day, the Dolphins’ Ryan Tannehill stepped out of their shadows.

Tannehill has a boatload of talent, but has flown under the radar thanks to the emergence of the aforementioned quarterbacks. With continued performances like what we saw on Sunday against the Colts, we won’t be able to mention the top young signal-callers without also mentioning him.

Tannehill may not be on the same level as Luck and Griffin just yet, but if he keeps this pace, he’ll be well on his way.

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