Incognito’s past will cost him his job

Dolphins left guard Richie Incognito will not play again for Miami.
Dolphins left guard Richie Incognito will not play again for Miami.

It is only a matter of time before Richie Incognito is cut from the Miami Dolphins. The Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero reports Incognito will be cut from the Dolphins after the NFL completes its full review of the situation, per a Dolphins team source. “There are procedures in place and everyone wants to be fair. The NFL is involved. But from a club perspective he’ll never play another game here,” the source said.

Incognito and his harassment of fellow Dolphin offensive lineman Johnathan Martin has crossed the line and it is a line that should have never been crossed. Now the Miami Dolphins (and by extension all of the NFL) have a problem on their hands after a rift between two teammates exploded in accusations of racially-loaded harassment and abuse that led one player to leave the team the other to be suspended.

The media is all over this story and both Fox Sports and reported Monday that Incognito sent Martin a series of racially charged and threatening messages, including one in which Incognito called Martin, who is biracial, a “half-n—–.” In’s report, Incognito is said to have threatened to track down Martin’s family.

Martin is with his family in California, where he is likely to spend the coming weeks undergoing therapy for emotional issues.

Incognito, meanwhile, served the first day of an indefinite suspension that will ultimately end with his removal from the franchise.

Miami should have known that Incognito past would get him into trouble. Here is are a list of his issues:
2004: Incognito is suspended at Nebraska for repeated violations of team rules, including reportedly fighting at a party. He withdraws and enrolls at Oregon.

2004: Oregon coach Mike Belotti releases Incognito from the team before he even plays in a game, saying Incognito failed to meet conditions agreed upon when he joined.

2009: Incognito gets into a verbal altercation with then-Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo after two unnecessary roughness penalties (head-butting) in a 47-7 loss to Tennessee. He is waived, claimed by Buffalo, and later fined $50,000 for the head-butts.

2009: Incognito is voted the Dirtiest Player in the NFL in a Sporting News survey.

2013: In an interview with, Incognito describes his time with the Rams: “We’d have practice the next morning, and I’m out until all hours of the night, running the town. Drinking. Doing drugs. I was doing everything that a professional athlete should not be doing.”

2013: Incognito is suspended indefinitely by the Dolphins amid allegations of bullying and abuse.