Incognito Shares His Side Of The Situation

Source: Adam Beasley, Miami Herald

Dolphins_richie_incognito_2013Richie Incognito told his side of the saga that has captivated the nation Sunday, telling Fox Sports that Jonathan Martin sent his own share of threatening — albeit playfully, Incognito believed — text messages.

“The week before this went down, Jonathan texted me on my phone, ‘I will murder your whole [expletive] family,’ ” Incognito told Jay Glazer. “Now, did I think that Jonathan Martin was going to murder my family? Not one bit.”

Incognito explained that he knew those words were “coming from a brother,” and that it’s simply how he and Martin communicated with each other. Glazer said that the text message still exists, and he has seen it.

“This isn’t an issue about bullying,” Incognito said. “This is an issue of my and Jon’s relationship where I’ve taken stuff too far. I didn’t intend to hurt him.”