Incognito Must be Evaluated Before He Signs

Ian Rapoport  reports that Richie Incognito may sign a contract with a new team, but that Incognito may not receive compensation or play until he undergoes a “comprehensive [evaluation] by NFL-NFLPA designated medical advisors.” NFL  Commissioner Roger Goodell then must review their report and  approve or reject his ability to play.

The NFL will have a hard time suspending the free-agent guard since the Dolphins already suspended him during the 2013 season and the labor deal permits only one suspension per infraction. But that doesn’t mean the NFL can’t make it more difficult for Incognito to get back into the league.

Given Incognito’s behavior, it’s fair for the league to have concerns. But, Incognito needs to treated consistently. If the NFL is using this requirement as a pretext for further punishment, then it could be even harder for Incognito to find a team.

While Incognito is known for being a bully, he still deserves the same treatment any other player or non-player would receive.

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