Ryan Tannehill On The Emotional Fourth Quarter

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill spoke to the media after his team upset the New England Patriots 24-20.

(On the emotional fourth quarter) – “It was a wild fourth quarter. I think we knew going into the second half it was going to come down to the fourth quarter. Guys stepped up and made big plays to go ahead, and they scored a touchdown again. We knew what we had to do. Guys around me just really stepped up and played big. You think about the fourth down to Charles (Clay) and how big that was. That’s just a great effort by him to get that first down and keep the drive alive. Then (Marcus) Thigpen making a good adjustment and catching the touchdown.”

(On if the timing was off on the fourth down conversion to Charles Clay) – “Yes we usually want to hit it a little quicker. He had press coverage. A guy came to my face with his hands up, so I had to throw it around him, which brought him backwards. That’s one thing you don’t want to do. Just a great effort by Charles (Clay) being able to make the catch, first and foremost and then make guys miss and get the first down.”

(On the touchdown pass to Marcus Thigpen) – “It wasn’t how we expected it to play out. He had outside leverage and we expected inside, but he found a way to win. I couldn’t really see him at all behind big (Bryant McKinnie). I trusted him, threw it out there and he made the adjustment and got into the endzone.”

(On how hard it was to watch the final 75 seconds) – “It was the longest 75 seconds of my life. I always say I would rather be on the field any day than have to watch from the sideline to be down four and having to drive the length and have to watch. But defense did a good job of keeping it out of the endzone and making a huge play there at the end.”

(On how he has played in the three-game winning streak) – “Guys around me are just helping me out so much making big plays, making small throws into touchdowns. You think about the one to (Mike) Wallace at the two-minute in the first half catching an in-cut, making the guy miss and going the length of the field for the touchdown. Just plays like that where the guys are around me are playing big and making big plays out of normal plays.”

(On how comfortable he was in two-minute situations today) – “I feel great in two-minute. I think our offense feels really good in two-minute. We’ve had a lot of practice at it going back to OTAs throughout camp and throughout the season. I think we’ve scored a lot of points in two-minute situations. We expect to score to some extent, either a field goal or touchdown , every time we get into a two-minute situation. To have the confidence of the guys around me, the offensive line protecting, it’s a lot of fun to have those drives. ”

(On what changed from first to second half in pass protection) – “I know on one we had a miscommunication up front. It wasn’t necessarily someone getting beat, but I think the guys really stepped up. They knew the game was on the line the second half. It was going to come down to us making plays. For me to be able to make throws and get the ball out, they are going to have to protect. And they did a great job of that.”

(On Rishard Matthews big catch on the final drive) – “He had press coverage. I told myself before the play if he wins quick I’m going to give him the ball. If not, I’m going to work through my progression. He got a great release on the guy and went up, made a great catch and tapped his feet. He’s a guy who’s played big for us since he’s started getting a lot of reps.”

(On if he had even met Michael Thomas before he signed this week) – “Yes I met him earlier in the week. Did I know he was going to come out here and make the game-saving play? No, but that’s the NFL. You are going to have guys go down. New guys are going to have to step up, and he kind of had a trial by fire. I think this was his first NFL game, I heard. To make a game-saving play has to be a memorable moment for him.”

(On where this win ranks for him) – “This is just another step in the process. Obviously it feels good. It feels good to beat a divisional team, but we have big things ahead of us. We have to focus on this week.”

(On how far this team has come since the first game against the Patriots) – “We’ve grown a lot. I think to a man each of us has gotten stronger to some extent throughout the adversity we faced off the field, the adversity on the field we’ve gone through this entire second half of the season. Guys are tough in there. I love playing with those guys. I love those guys. I love those guys. To be able to be on the field with them is a lot of fun.”

(On how much urgency there was to score before the end of the first half) – “That was huge. I think everybody kind of felt that being down 10-0 having a chance in a two-minute drive. Like I said, we are very comfortable in that we expected to go get some points. And I missed some throws in that two-minute drive. I had some guys open. (Brian) Hartline really sticks out in my mind. That’s a throw I should make every time, but other plays guys stepped up. Rishard (Matthews) had a huge catch I think to get the first first down over the top and kept the drive alive. You really have to give it up for the guys around me.”

(On what it says about the team after all they’ve been through that they are where they want to be right now) – “We are fighters. I think we’ve been through a lot. Guys are tough in there and are able to handle anything that happens on the field. (We) just have to keep the course, prepare like we always do and get ready for next Sunday.”

Source: Miami Dolphins Media