Dolphins OC Sherman On Tannehill’s Struggles

Miami Dolphins Offensive Coordinator Mike Sherman spoke with the media on Monday about Reggie Bush, Ryan Tannehill’s struggles and life without Davone Bess.

(On what he sees from his group of receivers without Davone Bess) – “Obviously Brian Hartline had a good game as we expected him to have, particularly in the second half. We were able to get him the ball a little more. Marlon Moore stepped up and did some things. (Rishard) Matthews helped us out at times and did some nice things. (Armon) Binns is new to the system; I think he had 10 or 12 snaps in the game and he had a winning grade. He did what we asked him to do. I think there was a pass interference call against an opponent as he was going for the ball. Thigpen got some reps, had some opportunities, but overall I think they did a good job. They did what we asked them to do, and hopefully they will get better the next couple of weeks.”

(On what the liked from Ryan Tannehill’s game on Sunday) – “Well I think his ability to continue to be able to throw the ball on the run, he made great decisions, he was very accurate, he helped our running game with some of his maneuverability. He did a lot of things in the second half as well as in the first half, to help us offensively. Decision making primarily and accuracy.”

(On whether that was the most efficient game he has seen Tannehill play) – “It would have to be right at the top, yeah.”

(On what rolling out of the pocket does for Tannehill) – “Well it may be more in tune of what it does to the defense, because sometimes it takes them out of coverage and moves people a little bit. If he is unimpeded, which most of the time he was, it gives him a little bit more time to buy routes with his feet. And he throws very well on the move, as well as in the pocket.”

(On what about Tannehill has him excited about potential for the future) – “Well I think yesterday was a good indication of what he is capable of doing. I think he’s had some very good games. I think he showed a lot of promise. You have to understand, he hasn’t played that position as much as maybe some other quarterbacks have at a very high level. So, he’s learning on the job and I think he processes things and tries not to make to same mistake twice. We put an awful lot on him. He’s throwing the ball vertically down the field, medium routes, short routes, moving the pocket; there’s not a whole lot of things we don’t ask him to do. As I said, we put an awful lot on him, so I think he has an excellent future, and he will just continue to get better.”
(On the spread option offense and how much it will be utilized in the future) – “At this level, I think you have to be very careful. You don’t want to build your offense around that in particular because we want to do it where people aren’t really defending it as much and you throw it at them every once in a while. If people are defending that, there are ways to defend it and they can really cause some havoc for your quarterback and also, if they do that, your offense. I think you have to be fairly judgmental on when you use that element. It’s something that we’ll do, but not a real heavy dose of.”

(On the kind of year Reggie Bush has had) – “Well I’ve never been with Reggie before. I don’t think you can measure a running back solely on his own performance, but it’s measured kind of like the quarterback, by the whole offense. We came out of the blocks pretty strong running the ball effectively and then we kind of hit a wall there for a while. I thought as of late we are getting better at that, but I think his success is measured not only by what he does but by what the people in front of him do and what the quarterback is able to do and receivers. I’m a firm believer that you can take away any element of offensive football if you really want to, and population in the box so to speak can take away from running opportunities. So, he’s done what we’ve asked him to do, I think he’s made some pretty significant plays for us and hopefully that will continue in the next couple of weeks.”

(On how Tannehill handled his struggles the past couple of weeks) – “His mindset, that’s the beauty of Ryan Tannehill, he is very consistent. He knows when he makes mistakes; he is fairly critical of himself but he doesn’t beat himself up. He tries to fix what he needs to get fixed and he is getting ready for the next opportunity. When you evaluate quarterbacks, you really have to look at their psyche as much as their talent. How are they going to handle you guys, the press? How are they going to handle the fans? How is he going to handle the coaches? And how is he going to handle his own mistakes? Is it going to weigh him down or is he going to be able to rise above them? As a rookie quarterback you are going to make mistakes, that’s just the way it is. Everything is bigger, faster, stronger. It’s a little more complex; you see things you haven’t seen before. The guys you used to be able to run away from before you can’t. It’s a little bit different game. You just can’t let every mistake weigh heavily on your shoulders, and Ryan doesn’t do that. As I said, he is very critical and he accepts criticism, but he moves on. I think that’s the sign of a good quarterback who has a chance to be a great quarterback.”

(On what he makes of Anthony Fasano’s game yesterday) – “I mean Fasano is consistently giving you great effort. Some games his number comes up a little bit more than others, yesterday was one of those days, but he consistently gives you everything he has. He is very well prepared. Very seldom does he make a mental mistake. He has a lot of versatility and we’ve done a lot of things with him. We’ve spread him out, he’s been in tight, he was in the backfield a couple of times yesterday. When we lost Charles Clay yesterday, he moved to another position that he hadn’t played all year and he knew exactly what he had to do as we moved the tight end group around. It’s just good to go out there with him because he is a cagy veteran, knows exactly what to do and how to do it, and has a very good skill level.”

(On what his young offensive tackles, Jonathan Martin on the left side and Nate Garner on the right side, have shown him) – “Well the transition from right to left for Jonathan was a little less seamless for him because he had played it college, but it is still quite a challenge. They put Babin over there right away on him and I thought he did okay. I think he has a chance to be a very good tackle in this league. He still has a lot of growing up to do with learning and strength development, but I think he really has a chance to be an excellent left tackle or right tackle in this league, wherever he ends up next year. Nate Garner is someone who was fighting in camp to make the roster, he ended up making it and now he is starting for us. I think he has put together a couple of pretty good games. I’m really excited about how he has played and what he has done in the run game. You worry a lot about how is he going to handle the pass rushers, but he seems to have done a pretty good job. We’ll really be tested this week with who Buffalo has, but I’m really impressed with both those guys. Coach Turner has done a great job getting them ready to play.”

(On whether that was the first time Jacksonville had flipped Babin this year) – “He had been primarily since his acquisition on the defensive left side over our right tackle, and at the start of the game we expected him to be over our right and he was over our left.”

(On whether Jonathan Martin should take that personally) – “I don’t think he should take it personally. I don’t know what their thoughts were. Maybe he is more comfortable at left and they put him at right and finally they moved him over to our offensive left side. That’s where a lot of people put that type of rusher.”

(On the offense running roughly 10 more plays yesterday than they had been averaging on the season) – “It’s huge. That goes in concert with third down conversions. If you look at our third down conversions, it was one of our better days on third down, and so if you convert third down you’re on the field longer and so forth. Those extra plays could result in 10 points, of seven points, or three points. So, it’s very significant to be able to stay on the field and create opportunities for yourself to get in to the end zone. So I would say that’s a significant statistic, particularly as it relates to us with the lack of reps we’ve had in games.”

Source: Miami Dolphins Media