Dolphins Mike Wallace On The First Day Of Training Camp

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace spoke to the media Sunday afternoon after the first day of training camp.

(On working out with Ryan Tannehill in the offseason and if he felt there was any catching up to do) –“No matter what you do in the offseason, once you get back to training camp you have to catch up a little bit. But I think with Ryan we will be on the same page soon. I think he has a great work ethic and wants to be great.”

(On whether he thinks his offensive rhythm with Tannehill is ahead of schedule with all the work they did in the offseason) –“I think we are right on track where we need to be. Ryan is a guy who is a competitor who really wants to be a great quarterback. I think we are on track to where we need to be and to get better every single day.”

(On whether he likes the higher expectations for the team this season) –“You want to have great expectations for yourself, but at the same time you don’t want to put too much on yourself. You just want to go in and work every single day to get better. We aren’t predicting anything or say we are going to do this or that. We want to work and get better each and every day.”

(On if there are any nerves on the first day of training camp) –“Not really butterflies, but for me and some of the new guys out here it’s a different environment. It’s just the anticipation, excitement, just ready to get to work.”

(On being on winning football team and if it is impart of the team) – “That’s what I’m here for. That’s why coach brought me in. He wants the best players to bring to the table. But like I said, we are not expecting anything. We are just going in there and working. We are just going to let the chips fall where they may.”

(On if he can draw on experience of how long it took for him to get on the same page with his quarterback in Pittsburgh to how long it will take with him and Tannehill) – “That’s two different quarterbacks at two different times. I’m not really going to compare those guys in any way because those are two different guys. It didn’t take us long (in Pittsburgh) because I was drafted in the third round. I didn’t go in with any expectations, so I would just go out there and work my tail off just to get better. Some good things happened for me.”

(On if it is possible to be ready by Week 1) – “Definitely, that is why we are here in training camp. We are here a week before everybody else, so I don’t see why not.”

(On whether it helps having an extra week start on training camp) – “Yes, definitely. Especially with the amount of young guys that we have on the team…getting guys ready for the NFL. We have a lot of guys on the first and second year, a lot of new guys like myself who have to get used to this program and the way they do things around here.”

(On Nolan Carroll running into him during practice and if the fans like it) – “I don’t know if they liked it, but I didn’t like it (laughing). It wasn’t really was a hit. He was going for the ball and I was going for the ball. It was part of football.”

(On Mike Sherman’s offense) – “I like the fact that he spreads it out. He has everyone moving around all over the field. We get the plays for the sideline and we (are) just rolling.”

(On what he worked on with Tannehill the week before camp) – “I wasn’t out here but we worked a lot in the offseason. After practice we are going to work together. We are going to continue to do that every single day and I think we will be on the same page.”

(On if there is romance of football camp compared to that of baseball) – “I don’t know about romance. There is a little bit of fighting out here (laughing). There is a difference because in baseball everyone is on one side. In football, it’s offense vs. defense for the most part until everyone comes together at the end of practice and let it be what it is. At the same time, it is offense vs. defense right now.”

Source: Miami Dolphins Media