Dolphins Lance Louis Reaction To New Team

Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Lance Louis spoke with the media Wednesday about his excitement for his new team.

(On why he signed with the Dolphins) – “I felt I had a good vibe with the coaches. I met the offensive line coach (Jim) Turner. I liked the offense. They were kind of explaining it to me. I just felt real comfortable in the building. It’s a nice city. It’s a great team on the rise.”

(On his knee) – “The knee is good. Still working. Rehabbing real hard. It’s feeling real good right now.”

(On how he feels right now) – “The last time I went to the doctor, he said told me I was ahead of schedule. Keep working hard and I will be fine.”

(On if his goal is to be ready by the start of training camp) – “My goal is to be there whenever I feel good. I definitely want to be there for training camp with those guys…just out there sweating and practicing and running the offense.”

(On if he is more comfortable at guard or tackle) – “Honestly, I just want to play football wherever the coach feels comfortable putting me. I just want to be out there helping the team. That’s my main focus.”

(On what other teams he spoke with) – “I talked to the (Chicago) Bears. My agent let me know a couple of other teams were interested, but I really felt good and strong about the Dolphins and the direction they are headed. Definitely was a big part in my decision.”

(On how he we could describe his play last year) – “I feel like I still have room for improvement. Last year, I felt really comfortable with where I was at. Just getting better week after week and I felt more comfortable, but I feel like I have a lot of room for improvement. I am still open to learning different techniques to help my game out.”

(On if he felt he got hurt on a cheap play) – “It’s no bitterness. I know it is football and it happens. It’s no ill feelings toward the guy that did it. It happens and I just have to…it was a minor bump in the road. It’s nothing I can’t come back from.”

(On who did his surgery) – “Dr. Bowen in Chicago.”

(On Coach Turner and his personality) – “I just like that he really embraced me and he knew what kind of player I was and he made me feel real comfortable when I came into his room. I felt that we clicked together and he was said some things to me about the offense that I really liked. Everything was cool. Coach seems like a real good guy.”

(On where he was in his recovery) – “I’m just focusing on rehabbing right now. Wherever the trainers feel where I am and what I am able to do. I will go with whatever they plan. Right now, I am trying to work hard and get back to where I was or better.”

(On his feelings about the team) – “I just feel like Miami is one a great place to be. I had a couple of friends there that played that I talked to and they said it was a great organization and a great place to be. I really wanted to be a part of something great and I feel Miami is the place to be.”

(On what players he spoke with) – “I spoke with a guy that I played with in college, Roberto Wallace. He played receiver there and he really liked it. He talked to me about the coach that came in and was new and he really liked it out there and things like that. He is back in San Diego now. We talked. I just feel that Miami is going to be one of the teams to be reckoned with this year.”

Source: Miami Dolphins Media