Dolphins Handling ‘Hard Knocks’ Scrutiny

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) — The Miami Dolphins have been under a lot of scrutiny since opening up training camp last Thursday when players reported. They’re the focus of this year’s edition of “Hard Knocks,” the HBO series that takes viewers behind the scenes of an NFL training camp.

To compile about 300 hours of footage before it’s whittled down to 60 minutes for each of the five episodes, NFL Films cameras are everywhere — in the meeting rooms, in the locker room, even in the middle of the practice field. According to show director Rob Gehring, there are five cameras shooting at all times, along with eight robotic cameras.

That kind of intrusion can be distracting, which is why not every team likes the idea of doing the show. But Dolphins players and coaches say they barely notice a difference.