Brian Hartline: Dolphins ‘Not A Dead Team’

Dolphins_Brian_Hartline_2013The Miami Dolphins are on a season-high three-game losing streak and confidence in the team is at an all-time low. Coming off a bye, Miami just lost a home game to a 2-4 team down to its third quarterback. That doesn’t necessarily scream “playoffs.”

But the Dolphins returned to work Monday with the mentality of maintaining their confidence heading into Sunday’s game against the first-place New England Patriots. The Dolphins will be a sizable underdog and earned that label with sloppy and ineffective play the past few weeks.

“We’re realistic with where we’re at and the drop off that we’ve had,” Dolphins receiver Brian Hartline said Monday. “But we’re still alive. We’re not a dead team. The division is very much for the taking of any team at this point.”

Source: James Walker,