Jaguars Planned for Bortles All Along

Blake Bortles

Were you a little surprised when the Jacksonville Jaguars used their No. 3 pick on UCF QB Blake Bortles? You probably were, but don’t think that their move wasn’t thought out.

During ESPN’s Mike and Mike, Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell said that they have been in love with Bortles since last year. According to Pro Football Talk, Caldwell said that he imagined Bortles would fit in perfectly and wanted him as the franchise quarterback for months.

“The quarterback process went early on in the fall last year and he was a guy that I always felt really strongly about, but I never let my intentions known. I let the process play out, and once our coaches got a hold of all the evaluations of our personnel staff, he became the consensus No. 1, without me influencing anybody. It became very clear to us that he was the guy at the quarterback position that we were going to target.”

According to Caldwell, Bortles will stay in Jacksonville and be the starting quarterback for at least a decade.

It’s pretty safe to say that UCF Knights that weren’t fans of the Jaguars before, will be now.

But, there could still be a competition for the starting role. Bortles might not play until 2015 and Chad Henne starts this year.

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