A Last Minute Draft Wrap Up On The Jags, Fins and Bucs

NFL Draft Predictions For The Jags, Fins and Bucs

jags, fins and bucs

Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country, Greg Auman of the the Tampa Bay Times & Andrew Abramson of the Palm Beach Post gave Mike & Jerry their last draft predictions for the Jags, Fins and Bucs.

What are the rumors running rampant in regards to this year’s 3rd pick?

Alfie Crow (Jaguars): “Well some of the big ones currently is that they are looking at Amari Cooper. Potentially trading down for Todd Gurley. But I tend to think the Jaguars will stay put at 3 and probably end up taking Leonard Williams who’s some people’s #1 player in the draft.”

What do you think would be the best fit, best case scenario for Miami?

Andrew Abramson (Dolphins): “I think there’s a lot of directions they could go but for me, if Devonte Parker, the receiver, is still sitting there, I would take him. I know they added Greg Jennings and the good thing about that is it doesn’t force the Dolphins to take a receiver in the first round but they do want to be Tannehill to be as productive as possible so they have to beef up that receiving core and add some size. Devonte Parker has size and speed. Amari Cooper and Kevin White would be even better but the only way they could get those guys is if they trade up.”

Hear all 3 interviews below:

Alfie Crow:

Andrew Abramson:

Greg Auman:

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