Dekoda Watson Talks Captain America, Jaguars and Jameis Winston

The Power Hour Interview: Jaguars Dekoda Watson

Dekoda Watson

Training camp is here and football is finally back.

The Power Hour crew talked with Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Dekoda Watson about NFL training camp, all the summer blockbuster films and his favorite Incredible Hulk t-shirt.

Watson weighed in on the news from Marvel Comics that Sam Wilson (aka The Falcon) would be picking up the shield and taking over for Steve Rogers (Captain America).

“I don’t know, to me there’s just one Captain America. You can have other people step in, going back to DC, Batman can’t be Batman forever he’s had others setup and there has been a lot of Robins. I guess I get what they’re trying to say with that but overall there’s just one Captain America,” Watson said.

Listen to the full interview below:


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