ELOOnline : WWE Turning The Corner?

On this edition of ELOnline , Eric Lopez recaps  WWE’s Payback pay per view  and Monday Night Raw including the CM Punk and Brock Lesnar encounter.  Eric breaks down  the twists that came from both shows. Is the WWE Change of direction in storylines headed in the right direction?

Why you should listen :  Eric talks  to Mike  about the apparent CM Punk- Brock Lesnar storyline , as well as WWE storylines changes including Alberto Del Rio turning heel, Dolph Ziggler and Punk turning face,  the return of Rob Van Damn a at WWE’s next pay per view  Money in the Bank as well as other WWE topics including Undertaker WrestleMania 30 opponent, John Cena- Mark Henry fued, The Shield,  and much much more.

Eric Lopez  is the producer of The David Baumann Show comes to you live  Monday through Friday 6am-9am from the Sports Talk 1080 Studios in Orlando

ELOOnline  : June 18, 2013