Rival High School Offers Division Title Amidst Shooting

One of the most beautiful things about sports is the ability of people and teams to come together during a tragedy. Last year it happened following the Boston marathon bombings when Yankees fans were wearing shirts saying they loved Boston. Just because you’re a rival on the field, doesn’t mean you can’t do the right thing off the field when the situation presents itself. That is exactly what Oak Harbor High School in Oak Harbor, Washington did when they offered the division title to rival Marysville Pilchuck High School, based in Seattle, Washington.

On Friday, a student walked into the cafeteria of Marysville Pilchuck and opened fire on students, killing one and wounding several others with shots to the head before turning the gun on himself.  The student, Jaylen Fryberg was recently crowned freshman homecoming king and was a member of the football team. Many are left wondering why this tragedy happened, with friends saying the shooter was at football practice the day before and seemed absolutely normal.

Oak Harbor coach Jay Turner and Marysville superintendent Becky Berg acknowledged that the offer had been put into place by Oak Harbor when they reported to the Seattle Times and the Herald of Everett. The Herald also confirmed that members of the Oak Harbor team showed up during a Maryville meeting Friday night (following the meeting) to help offer their condolences and their support.

While no formal agreement has yet to be reached, it will be a matter of when not if that both sides agree to this and help Maryville to try to continue onto the playoffs following this very unnerving tragedy.  Football is bigger than what is happening on the field and Oak Harbor showed that the best way that they can help is to play supporter for Marysville while they try to fight for their 3A state title.