Ground Under Repair talks US Open Qualifying

Bill McCarthy of the USGA also describes an exciting newer event

US Open Qualifiers are something most golfers in America aspire to. Many, myself included, have made promises to ourselves that we will try to qualify if we ever get good enough. This gives the process a sort of mythical feel among most of us, wondering what it’s like at those eighteen hole locals.

Few people would have a better sense of what that’s like than the USGA’s Bill McCarthy, who called in to talk about qualifying, and the USGA’s wide array of championships.

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As the Championship Director of the US Amateur Four-Ball, Bill tells us about one of the association’s newest championships. With the Zurich fresh in the memories of the sport’s fans, how does a team Amateur level of the USGA Championship strike you? We discuss the format, the three tournaments so far, the range of competitors, and how quickly the event is growing.

Naturally, no discussion about the USGA would be complete without a bit of talk about the rules of golf. Bill makes his case for every hobby golfer, improving golfer, and flat-out duffer to get an official handicap. It’s easier than you might think.

Speaking of the rules, they’re not designed to make golf harder. In fact, there are many concessions in the officlal rulebook to allow everyone to have a chance to put up a good score. Maybe the Mulligan will never be official, but Bill explains a couple of ways the rulekeepers have met the executive course crowd halfway.

It was special to talk to a USGA official right at the beginning of US Open season. Thanks to Bill once again for appearing on the show, and thanks to the whole USGA for being devoted stewards of the game of golf.

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