Charles Woodson Says Raiders ‘Suck’

Charles Woodson

Most of the time players sugar coat their feelings after a loss but Oakland Raiders free safety Charles Woodson didn’t bother Sunday. After a 30-14 loss to the Houston Texans, Woodson was asked how the Raiders were able to get off to a fast start.

“We’re not very good,” Woodson said, according to the San Jose Mercury News. “We’re not very good and they executed. It’s about as simple as you can be.”

Then he decided to push it even further.

“We suck,” Woodson said. “Today that’s as blunt as I could put it. For whatever reason. Defensively we just won’t stop people, especially early in games. Every first drive a team is able to go and get points. Today it happened all day.”

He even threw the offense under the bus.

“Offensively we put the ball on the ground. We had opportunities and we didn’t capitalize on them,” Woodson said. “Collectively we look bad. It’s frustrating because everything that other people say about you, we’re making them right. It’s almost like you allow other people to write your story and we’re not going out there and doing anything about it. That’s hard, man. I’m really embarrassed.”

But wait, there’s more! He even went as far as to say he’s embarrassed for the fans.

“When I came into the stadium today on the bus and I see all the fans there, everybody is optimistic. It’s our first home game,” Woodson said. “They’re excited to see their Raiders and what was that that we put out there on the field today? That’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for this team, I’m embarrassed for the fans.”

The Raiders had four turnovers and were down 27-0 until Darren McFadden scored on a 1 yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. They face the Patriots in Foxborough in Week 3.