2015 Wimbledon: “The Only Person That Can Beat Serena Is Serena”

Glenn Moore On Serena Williams And Novak Djokovic Taking The Wimbledon Titles

Glenn Moore of The Independent was on Sports Talk Live today to recount the Wimbledon finals and talk Serena Williams’ #SerenaSlam.

Shifting over to the women, was there really any doubt, watching Serena, that this was going to be her title? It just seemed like she was really destined for that ‘Serena Slam:’

“Well she lost the first two games, that was a bit of a surprise. Muguruza wasn’t intimidated, she didn’t stand back, she was ready to have a go. But in many ways with Serena, the only person that can beat Serena is Serena. Sometimes she might be against herself… But she’s a remarkable player.”

Hear the whole conversation with Moore below:

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