The Sunshine Boys on Aaron Hernandez and the Bucs starring in HBO’s Hard Knocks

The life and time of Aaron Hernandez along with the Bucs starring in Hard Knock are today’s topics

The Sunshine Boys cover a great deal of ground today.  Ira Kaufman, Joe Henderson, Tim Williams and Jim Williams talk about the life and times of Aaron Hernandez as well as the Bucs starring in the HBO reality show Hard Knocks.

Things begin on a somber note as they talk about the life of former University of Florida Gator and New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez who took his own life early this morning in a Massachusetts prison where he was serving a life sentence for murder in 2013 of semi pro football player Oden Lloyd.

The saga of Aaron Hernandez and the Bucs being on Hard Knocks are the main topics of The Sunshine Boys podcast

Joe Henderson, who covered the Gators when Hernandez talked about a number of “red flags,” that popped up during his career at the University of Florida. Henderson talked about a number of times when Tim Tebow would try to come to the aid of Hernandez off the field.

He also touched on how sometimes major universities, around the country look the other way when it comes to star players. It is that turning a blind eye that often keeps a player from getting the help they may need.

Meanwhile, Ira Kaufman and Tim Williams spoke about covering Hernandez the professional. His role as a star tight end with the New England Patriots.

Then how that brilliant career took a turn in 2013 that led to this morning tragic end to a life wasted.

Is the Bucs starring in Hard Knocks a good thing or bad?

Kaufman thinks it could go either way while Henderson feels that it might be a good platform for the team. The gang talk about some of the Bucs players who could come out of this as a star.

Finally, the gang pays tribute to Dan Rooney, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers who passed away last week. One of Rooney’s many accomplishments was helping Tampa Bay land the Bucs, he served on the NFL Expansion Committee at the time and was a big advocate of the area getting a team.