Tuck: SEC Makes Statement Week 1

The SEC is down in 2014.  The SEC is down in 2014?  The SEC made a statement in week 1 that they might put multiple teams in the first college football playoff.

Texas A&M was picked to finish 5th or 6th by most experts in the SEC West this year.  Scary thought after they trounced the Gamecocks in Columbia. Georgia battled Clemson for 3 quarters, but hit the accelerator in the 4th quarter to blow out Clemson. LSU rallied, a Les Miles staple (22-21 since 2005 when trailing going to the 4th quarter, the only winning record in America over that time frame) to beat Wisconsin. Alabama beat West Virginia. Ole Miss beat Boise State. Tennessee beat Utah State. All-in-all, the SEC went 11-3, with 2 of the losses self-inflected, and only Vandy getting embarrassed by Temple.

2014 introduces the college football playoff. 4 teams, 4 spots, to be seeded and separated from the field. My top 25, I’ll highlight the top 4 each week. It’s not what I am projecting for the end of the year. I’m simply basing the rankings on what has happened to date. I don’t even look at my previous weeks rankings when doing this, as I don’t want to be influenced by past feelings, only presently giving teams what I think they’ve earned. Pieces will begin to fall more in place as schedules even out. Early in the season, a team can go from top 4 to unranked or unranked to straight to the top based on who they beat and how they beat them.

Don’t worry too much about anything the first few weeks. I try to reward teams that beat somebody, and the teams that play the best. If you lost, you aren’t ranked. Half the country is unbeaten, so relax, and eat a sandwich before freaking out over who was left out or who is too high or too low.


1.   vs. 4. 

2.   vs. 3. 

5. Florida State

6. Ole Miss

7. Alabama

8. Ohio State

9. Notre Dame

10. Auburn

11. Baylor

12. Oklahoma

13. Oregon

14. Stanford

15. Louisville

16. Penn State

17. Cal

18. Tennessee

19. Rutgers

20. Nebraska

21. Michigan State

22. Mississippi State

23. Arizona

24. Michigan

25. UTSA