Kane Talks About What Makes A Great Villain

Glenn Jacobs (Kane), “Hannibal Lecter is pure evil”

Glenn Jacobs (Kane), spoke to Power Hour host Matthew Sardo about his most recent film See No Evil 2, what makes a good villain, and the psychology behind going to see a horror film.

It’s been eight years since the first “See No Evil.” What brought you back to the franchise?

“Well I think there were just a lot of changes that the movie films what was going on. I initially thought we’d do a sequel pretty quickly because the first See No Evil had a good bit of course for success. And then that didn’t happen for a couple years so I sort of forgot about it and was pretty surprised when I got a call last year that they wanted to do a sequel. Like I said, they changed with every film the philosophy and direction of that particular physical overcompity. Years ago they hired Michael Luisi and Michael has a very clear idea of where he wanted to go with the films and made a schedule of which was profitable and I think that’s the only reason it happened was because Michael saw an opportunity for the franchise to continue.”

What was the hardest part of making See No Evil 2?

“Shaving my head again because I grew my hair back after years of not having my hair and I was all happy because I had a pony tail and all that but I had to shave it all off and I was not too stoked about that.”

Who were your inspirations for your character Jacob Goodnight?

“There aren’t really any because Jacob is a unique character. You know he’s really a classified as a Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers but he’s different than those guys because he has a lot more emotion rather than instinct. He’s a unique character I think.”

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