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Would the Rays be better off in the NL ?

Earlier this morning on SportstalkFlorida Mornings,  Eric Lopez and David Buchman talked to Jason Collette about the Rays great attendance against the Giants and if the Rays would draw better if they were in the National League? [1]

Why you should listen :  Eric Lopez and David Buchman talked to Jason Collette of Baseball Prospectus about if the Rays would be better of in the National League from Attendance standpoint. Collette also talks about if Wil Myers is the best hitter on the Rays?,  Alex Rodriguez saga  and more.

Jason Collette on SportstalkFlorida Mornings : August 5,2013

http://audio.sportstalkflorida.com/1080/ELO_8-5-13_Collette.mp3 [2]

Why you should listen : In Hour 1 , Eric Lopez shared his experience being at the Rays-Giants game. Lopez and Buchman discuss if the Rays would be better off in the  National League  and what could have been if Buster Posey was a Tampa Bay Ray?

SportstalkFlorida Mornings Show : August 5, 2013

http://audio.sportstalkflorida.com/1080/ELO_hr1_8-5-13.mp3 [3]

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