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More Impact For Championship Run: David Price Or LeBron James?

Bigger Game Changer: David Price or LeBron James?

In David Price the Tampa Bay Rays hold the biggest trade chip in major league baseball. Earlier this week Lebron James decided to opt out of his contract and declare himself an unrestricted free agent. Which of the two superstars makes the biggest impact to whichever team acquires their services.

LeBron James

David Price

With a half a season left to play a glance at the American League standings shows only seven teams more than six games out of the wild card in their respective leagues.In the American League its theBoston Red Sox, Houston Astros, and Tampa Bay Ray and in the National League only the Colorado Rockies, San Diego Padres, Chicago Cubs, and Arizona Diamondbacks.

Since the two wild card teams have to play a one game playoff in order to appear in the Division Series there is a premium placed ona team winning their division. Acquiring David Price could be the difference between fending off the competition in your division and landing in the one game playoff.

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LeBron James

It would be hard to find a team in the NBA that would not be considered a serious contender if they acquired Lebron James. Of course if he were to sign with an established team

Looking at any of the teams that finished above .500 or better last seasonitwould not be unreasonable toargue thatacquiring James would not elevate that teamas favorites to wind up on top of their respective conference standings.


The perception is that the NBA is a league driven by the superstar player andmajor league baseball is a team sport. This argument may be true for most players it may not be true for all players --- especially a talent like David Price.

It's hard to say whether or not the addition of David Price alone to the Chicago Cubs or Arizona Diamondback would elevate them to playoff contenders next season or not?

It's the same question as to whether or not LeBron James would be enough by himself to elevate the Cleveland Cavaliers or Milwaukee Bucks to serious playoff contenders.


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