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Will The Yankees Downsize Their Payroll?

Yankees_George_2013The Yankees are expected to get their payroll under $189 million for 2014. A decision borne of a desire to avoid the luxury tax, which could cost them some $100 million over the next two years.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post talks to Hal Steinbrenner about all of this:

"No way The Boss would do that. He would do whatever was necessary to win a title damn financial common sense."

Im not so sure. George Steinbrenner was a lot of things, but a dumb businessman was not one of them. He turned a small investment with a lot of other peoples money into a franchise worth more than a billion dollars. During the years he was running the team actively he never had to face the severe luxury tax implications the Yankees face next year if they dont get under $189 million. I dont think its at all reasonable to say that George would act differently.

Source: www.hardballtalk.com


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