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Why Is "Hardball Talk" Defending A-Rod?

NBC Sorts Hardball Talk has several articles about Alex Rodriguez and his latest performance enhancing drug scandal and they put the fans in an awkward light. From the titles of each article is appears that Harball Talk is defending A-Rod and or telling fans to relax with their opinions. Yankees fans should be upset with A-Rod on several fronts, mainly his poor performance and his admitted / alleged drug use. Yankees fans should also be angry with ownership for signing A-Rod to an insane contract that every fan knew would not end well.

Also, MLB fans should want A-Rod suspended indefinitely because that is how it works in the really world. If you cheat at work, YOU GET FIRED!

Here is a list of Hardball Talk A-Rod stories:

Advice to A-Rod that, if taken, will make people?s heads explode

So apparently the consensus is that A-Rod should commit insurance fraud. Lovely.

Your daily dose of ?A-Rod can never play again? hysteria

If Alex Rodriguez cheated, it was just to help the Yankees win

The ?the Yankees want to void A-Rod?s contract? stories are nothing more than red meat for angry fans

A-Rod?s career is not over. Just stop it.

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