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Who Will Take Over For Selig Once He Retires?

Bud_SeligOne thing that wasnt mentioned in Bud Seligs retirement announcement yesterday is who will take his place following the 2014 season. So whos it gonna be?

While people like to speculate about big names or political figures Bob Costas! George W. Bush! such speculation, if made seriously, evinces a lack of understanding of the job of commissioner. Its not a political or p.r. position, even if there are some elements of that involved. Its also not a job that an outsider can or should be considered for. Baseball tried that with Peter Ueberroth and Fay Vincent, each of whom came from corporate America (Ueberroths intervening years were spent organizing the 1984 Olympics) and each were failures who lost support of the men who hired them: baseballs owners.

Source: Craig Calcaterra, Hardball Talk


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