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Who Does the Blame Fall on For the Bucs' Loss to the Jets?

This morning I joined Eric Lopez on Sports Talk 1040 and 1080 during our?weekly Tuesday segment?to talk about the state of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the team's sloppy season opener against the New York Jets. Among some of the topics discussed:


There were dozens of mistakes made throughout the game, including 13 penalties. Which ones are correctable and which ones are more concerning moving forward?

Davin Joseph said yesterday that the team wasn't prepared for the noise at MetLife Stadium. I raised this question: With a coaching staff essentially twice the size of any other in the National Football League, with Butch Davis and Jimmy Raye, and?Dave Wannstedt, a head coach himself on-staff, how was this overlooked?

Josh Freeman and the offense looked lost out there. Why?was this unit?so out of rhythm? Who does this fall on? Is it Freeman or does this fall back on the coaching staff?

Did the coaching staff set Freeman up to fail by giving him little time in the preseason in hopes Glennon would blossom? For a quarterback who, historically has shown he needs a few series to develop a rhythm, why was he kept out of the preseason?

Schiano said yesterday that he doesn't have any regrets about playing his starters so little during the four exhibition games.?Would that have made a difference?

What?could the Bucs?essentially have done to avoid such a disastrous start that really?wasn't reflected in the final score and how can they fix things moving forward?

You can listen to it all here:

As always, I'm all ears to hearing what you guys think. Hit me up on Twitter @JennaLaineBucs?or on Facebook. I'll be back on with Eric this Friday at 7:30 to preview Bucs-Saints, so tune in then as well!


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