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Who Are The Toughest Guys To Guard On Pick-And-Roll?

Source: Kurt Helin, NBC Sports

Steve NashLarry Sanders got a big four-year, $44 million extension from the Milwaukee Bucks this summer because he can defend he can protect the rim and block shots, but he also is quite good showing out and shutting of drives on the pick-and-roll.

Talking with him after the Bucks season-opening loss to the Knicks, Zach Lowe of Grantland talked defending the pick-and-roll with Sanders, specifically who is the hardest to stop when they come around the top of that pick.

OK, well, anytime [Steve] Nash is coming off the pick-and-roll, its bad.

Still, huh?

Yep, still. Its because of his pace. Hes not rushing. Hes just surveying, looking for gaps, passing through those gaps. Hes such a good passer. And D-Rose.

Hes back.

Oh, yeah. And, man, coming off those pick-and-rolls at full speed. Hes one of those guys, when he comes around that pick, you have to be totally locked in on him. Hes so quick, if he gets his shoulder past you, its over.

Nash is interesting on this list, he is slower than he was a few years ago but his ability to keep his dribble alive and pick you apart with precision passing.


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