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Which Super Bowl ads were big winners?

Well when a Super Bowl is as one sided as the Seattle 48-8 romp over Denver was the conversation quickly turns from the game to the ad spots in the game. Each 30 second spot cost the sponsor $4 million dollars so they hope that come Monday morning after the game it is their product that is the one that everyone is talking about.

Well ?Budweiser?s ?Puppy Love?:?Bud?s surefire hit, released early, and it was in more than a few tweets, Facebook posts and email boxes before the game. Despite the pre-game buzz the spot continued to be talked about this morning as the clear winner.

Staying with the dog theme another big buzz spot was?Audi?s ?Doberhuahua??for a car company the idea of a spot about a new breed of dog that is part?Chihuahua and part Doberman does not see to be the way to sell Audi's. However, the car company did cause people to talk about their spot.

Former ?Florida Gator Tim Tebow got rave reviews for his T-Mobile spot about no contracts. He did some bull riding, action film work and even saving puppies from a burning building. It was a clever spot and Tebow was outstanding as a pitchman in the ad. Even the New York newspapers liked the spot and gave Tebow high marks.

The final spot that made the Monday buzz was the amazing?Microsoft?s ?Empowering??that was voiced by none other than?Stephen Hawking, need we say more.


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