Week 13: NFL Power Rankings

The New England patriots jumped in to the top four as the Chicago Bears, the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens dropped in the power rankings after tough loses.

The Houston Texans, the Atlanta Falcons and the Denver Broncos continued to be the elite teams in the league. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Minnesota Vikings playoff hope’s dwindled with loses last week. The Pittsburgh Steelers, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Seattle Seahawks boosted their playoff chances with big wins.

110Houston Texans1124
220Atlanta Falcons1175
330Denver Broncos9310
473New England Patriots9114
54-1Baltimore Ravens998
65-1San Francisco 49ers8141
76-1Chicago Bears8132
880New York Giants769
9101Green Bay Packers81213
10122Cincinnati Bengals71015
11132Seattle Seahawks7223
1211-1Pittsburgh Steelers7206
13152Indianapolis Colts81724
149-5Tampa Bay Buccaneers6419
15161Washington Redskins6823
16193Dallas Cowboys61521
1714-3Minnesota Vikings61818
1817-1New Orleans Saints5528
19201San Diego Chargers41912
2018-2Miami Dolphins52711
21210Detroit Lions41125
22220Arizona Cardinals4327
23230Cleveland Browns42516
24240Buffalo Bills51629
25250St. Louis Rams52817
26260New York Jets52622
27270Carolina Panthers32420
28280Tennessee Titans42131
29301Oakland Raiders32332
3029-1Philadelphia Eagles32926
31321Kansas City Chiefs23127
3231-1Jacksonville Jaguars23030

Week 13: NFL Defensive Power Rankings
RankLast WeekUp/Down TeamPts/G Int FFum Sack 
110Chicago Bears1216.5201832
286Houston Texans1218.4141236
32-1San Francisco 49ers1214.310830
43-1Denver Broncos1220.3141638
561Arizona Cardinals1219.5181133
64-2Seattle Seahawks1216.8101130
770New England Patriots1221.7142526
891Atlanta Falcons1219.1161127
9101Cincinnati Bengals1221.791339
105-5New York Giants1220.318930
11110Cleveland Browns1222.1141429
12120Green Bay Packers1221.614634
13130Miami Dolphins1220.89733
14140St. Louis Rams1222.312534
15161San Diego Chargers1221.4111423
1615-1Baltimore Ravens1220.213527
17170Pittsburgh Steelers1219.271025
18224Buffalo Bills1228.1101531
19201Minnesota Vikings1222.77929
2018-2Carolina Panthers1224.381128
2119-2Tampa Bay Buccaneers1223.817918
2221-1Washington Redskins1225.114921
23241Detroit Lions1226.310627
2423-1Dallas Cowboys1224.651124
25261New York Jets1224.791219
2625-1New Orleans Saints1227.38825
27270Tennessee Titans1229.9101023
28280Indianapolis Colts1225.56523
29301Kansas City Chiefs1226.87621
3029-1Philadelphia Eagles1226.77620
31310Jacksonville Jaguars1228.510913
32320Oakland Raiders1231.38814

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