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Week 12: NFL Power Rankings

[1]There wasn’t much movement in the power rankings this week with all the division leaders winning.

Where it gets interesting is the bubble teams. Who will make the playoffs (Bucs, Colts, Bengals or Seahawks)? Will the Pittsburgh Steelers not make the playoffs? The Minnesota Vikings started off strong and now have fallen off as of late. The Green Bay Packers looked unbeatable and now Packers fans just hope Aaron Rogers survives the season.

110Houston Texans1025
220Atlanta Falcons1086
341Denver Broncos838
43-1Baltimore Ravens997
550San Francisco 49ers8121
660Chicago Bears8112
770New England Patriots8113
891New York Giants769
9101Tampa Bay Buccaneers6418
108-2Green Bay Packers71314
11110Pittsburgh Steelers6204
12153Cincinnati Bengals61015
1312-1Seattle Seahawks6233
1413-1Minnesota Vikings61517
15227Indianapolis Colts72122
16193Washington Redskins5725
1714-3New Orleans Saints5528
18180Miami Dolphins52610
1917-2Dallas Cowboys51820
2016-4San Diego Chargers41612
21210Detroit Lions41423
2220-2Arizona Cardinals43111
23263Cleveland Browns32716
24240Buffalo Bills41730
25272St. Louis Rams42819
2623-3New York Jets42226
27281Carolina Panthers32521
2825-3Tennessee Titans41931
29301Philadelphia Eagles33024
3029-1Oakland Raiders32432
31310Jacksonville Jaguars22929
32320Kansas City Chiefs13227