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Was The Ending Of Game 3 Or 4 More Bizarre?

Source: Joe Posnanski, NBC Sports [1]

Game 3 [2]They’re both unprecedented (no World Series had ever ended either way). They’re both keyed around colossal blunders that you would not expect Major League Baseball players to make.

In percentage form, I would put it like this:

Game 3 ending:

  • Percent chance that Salty would throw the ball (and throw it away): 2%
  • Percent chance that Middlebrooks and Craig would tangle up: 1%
  • Percent chance that umpire would call interference: 60%

Total percentage: .012% (1 in 8,333)

Game 4 ending:

  • Percent chance that the Red Sox would hold on Wong: 5%
  • Percent chance that Uehara would throw over: 20%
  • Percent chance that Wong would get picked off: 1%

Total percentage: .01% (1 in 10,000).

So the Game 4 ending was inarguably weirder.*

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